WSL’s E&E materials transformation ecosystem has been designed and integrated to meet all the e-waste needs of large organisations

Reduce - We provide OEMs with advice and insights about how raw materials recreated from smart e-waste management can be deployed to shrink the volumes of new raw materials used in E&E equipment and its manufacturing processes - saving natural resources and reducing energy consumption.

Reuse - We manage the repair and refurbishment of end-of-life E&E equipment and related assets for return to the primary or a secondary user, cannibalising that which is beyond repair for components or combining these to create refurbished equipment for tertiary applications.

Repurpose - We are working with our partners to create new applications for clients’ end-of-life E&E equipment to maximise these material assets and extend their life beyond the purpose for which they were originally intended.

Recreate - We manage the complete and systematic de-manufacture and transformation of clients’ end-of-life E&E equipment and related assets into recovered raw materials, using these to enable the development of entrepreneurial and sustainable products. This process is underpinned with secure data destruction protocols where appropriate