weee systems helps organisations profit from growing volumes of large-scale electrical & electronic waste

Delivers material transformation ecosystem nationwide through a step change in people, processes and procedures

London, May 25th 2011WEEE Systems launches today, inviting manufacturers, business and professional users to make the changes needed to effectively transform their growing volumes of large-scale Electrical and Electronic (E&E) waste.

WEEE Systems will enable organisations to act responsibly in meeting and exceeding the requirements of the 2016 WEEE Initiative by revolutionising the e-waste sector through step changes in the management of people, process and procedures.

In doing so, WEEE Systems will dramatically reduce cost and increase revenues and business opportunities for its clients by increasing available processing capacity through connecting and streamlining the value chain.

Responsibility, sustainability and compliance

WEEE Systems founder, Bob Clarke, says, “Public concern about unacceptable e-waste disposal practice, as evidenced in the recent BBC Panorama http://bbc.in/jJQLQ8 programme, is a wake-up call for large organisations to do the right thing – tightening e-waste practices, demonstrating consistent corporate social responsibility and meeting and exceeding the tougher compliance targets inherent in WEEE Directive legislation.”

WEEE Systems will make it much easier for such organisations not only to take advantage of ‘de-manufacture’, both as a sustainable and reliable source of materials and revenues, but to use business and professional E&E infrastructure and equipment transformation as a brand building, business creation and even an investment opportunity.

Huge complex equipment backlog

The need to do this is urgent as there is already a huge backlog of complex equipment taking up valuable space in manufacturing, government, healthcare and utilities because there are too few simultaneously safe, trusted, secure, legal, scalable and viable routes to its transformation. For such organisations the default option is to do nothing but spend on storing the equipment.

In the foreseeable future, the volume of waste requiring transformation is only going to increase as equipment lifecycles shorten and economic trends such as the move of computing to the Cloud and the installation of eco-friendly building control and heating and ventilating systems will generate vast volumes of surplus equipment.

WEEE legislation

In addition, proposed EU WEEE legislation aimed at accelerating the recycling of large-scale E&E infrastructure and equipment suggests that, from 2014, up to 65 per cent of new business-to-business E&E equipment put into the market will need to be recycled two years later.

Fresh thinking

The WEEE Systems executive team brings fresh thinking to the industry and a strong entrepreneurial background beyond e-waste, having already transforming other sectors by accelerating the innovation required to drive positive change with a strong customer focus.

The company has completed a series of successful pilots with major brands and has key infrastructure partnerships in place and will shortly acquire its own facilities to accelerate its research activities.

Clarke, emphasises, “Our approach not only delivers a ‘Reuse, Repurpose and Recreate’ nationwide materials transformation ecosystem – but goes one step further by working to influence OEMs to Reduce original raw materials use in new E&E manufacturing.”

Four stage process

WEEE Systems has developed a four-stage process.

  • Reduce - provide OEMs with advice and insights about how raw materials recreated from smart e-waste management can be deployed to shrink the volumes of new raw materials used in E&E equipment and its manufacturing processes - saving natural resources and reducing energy consumption
  • Reuse - manage the repair and refurbishment of end-of-life E&E equipment for return to the primary or a secondary user, cannibalising that which is beyond repair for components or combining these to create refurbished equipment for tertiary applications
  • Repurpose - work with partners to create new applications for clients’ end-of-life E&E equipment to maximise these material assets and extend their life beyond the purpose for which they were originally intended
  • Recreate - manage the complete and systematic de-manufacture and transformation of clients’ end-of-life E&E equipment from redundant assets into recovered raw materials, using these to enable the development of entrepreneurial and sustainable products. This process is underpinned with secure data destruction protocols where appropriate

About WEEE Systems

WEEE Systems is a trusted and reliable partner for leading, responsible organisations that require large-scale business and professional E&E infrastructure and equipment recycling, connecting and streamlining the value chain, reducing overall costs as well as creating new revenues and business opportunities for its clients and partners.

The company is committed to a transparent ‘Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recreate’ materials transformation ecosystem that is built around each client’s specific requirements.

For further information, please visit http://www.weeesystems.com/

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