(amm) lawmakers push to restrict e-waste exports

The US has introduced new laws to prevent businesses from discarding electronic waste (e-waste) to developing countries. The new law 'rewrites' the definition of 'e-waste' to prohibit it from being exported from the United States to developing nations unless fully functional. However, the new law has reignited waste debates between many American and global environmental groups.

WEEE Systems is encouraged by the steps taken in the US to do battle with illegal ewaste handling and the involvement of the lawmakers. Positive steps were taken last week in the UK when Defra published its 'Review of Waste in England'; however this mainly focused on individuals and small business. Large organisations however should be driving material transformation policy forward themselves albeit many are fear the impact on their brand reputation if anything went wrong. By embracing a new approach to this problem, companies can transform redundant ewaste inventory into reusable materials whilst benefiting from a share in the revenue as well as protecting the brand.

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