britons hoarding £800 of unwanted mobile phones

Research by the phone recycling website SellMyMobile has revealed that over 80% of British households have at least one defunct mobile in their possession: obsolete devices that could be sold to specialist recycling outfits for cash gain. While the price for most handsets is low, more recent and more complex smartphones can earn recyclers anything up to £400.

At WEEE Systems, we believe the popularisation of sites such as SellMyMobile is good news for the e-waste sector. Rather than languishing in drawers or, worse, being committed to overstretched landfills with all the attendant ecological consequences, the electronic components of consumer electronics such as mobile phones can be recycled. This all helps for individuals to regard ‘rubbish’ as an opportunity and to take this into the commercial world. There is even more impact to be made if the leading and responsible companies in the UK implemented a proper e-waste demanufacture policy.

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