bye-laws to control e-waste in ghana at final stage

The Ghanaian government is in the final stages of drawing up strong new laws to prevent illegal dumping, poor working practices and other abuses by unprincipled e-waste operators in their country. WEEE systems welcomes these changes. If our sector, and all the very real benefits it offers, is to grow and be trusted then the unscrupulous activities of a few must not be allowed to tarnish the positive and professional work of the many.

Already, WEEE systems has taken the lead in addressing the legal requirements and potential brand protection and corporate social responsibility impacts of e-waste legislation for our clients by providing complete and compliant end of life-cycle strategies in line with current and anticipated the WEEE directive expectations.

As more countries are sure to follow Ghana’s example, it is vital that the e-waste industry as a sector take strong measures to ensure that our work remains lawful, decent and, above all, sustainable.

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