mit team tracks e-waste around the world

A team of researchers at MIT has released a fascinating study into the journeys e-waste, originating in the US, takes across the globe. High consumer churn of their mobile phones and business IT refresh patterns earlier than it’s natural end of life are increasing the In partnership with NGOs that work to give outdated computers and other electronics a new life in developing countries, the researchers followed the laptops on their journeys to schools and homes via tracking device and webcam photos. The backtalk project proves that old electronics can still be put to useful purpose with a little ingenuity.

WEEE Systems has always followed this ideal, and the study has lessons for the electronics recycling sector as well: some of the tracking revealed the very long distances electronics must sometimes take to be recycled. We continue to pursue even greater efficiencies, both in our plants and on the journeys to them, to maximize the benefits of sustainable electronics stewardship.

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