national strategy for electronics stewardship announced

The Obama administration has announced a major new strategy for the life of electronics in America: from design, to use, to recycling. It includes the first voluntary provisions by major electronics manufacturers such as Dell and Sony to ensuring a beneficial post-life for their products. WEEE Systems greets this legislation warmly.

The United States produces the most used electronics in the world per annum – more than 2 million tonnes – and the new “National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship” takes major steps to ensure electronic waste is processed usefully and sustainably. Moreover, it represents an endorsement for the burgeoning electronics recycling industry and its jobs, current and future, in the United States.

WEEE Systems believes that the electronic recycling industry will have a major place in the economy of tomorrow, and that this represents a major advance. Standardisation of procedures and certification of devices at all stages of their lives; collaboration between producers, regulators and recyclers, will not only increase efficiency but benefit consumers. The United States has positioned itself not only to maximise the benefits it receives from our growing industry, but also as a major leader on these issues in the international arena. WEEE Systems hopes that other comprehensive measures of this kind will be adopted elsewhere, so that the benefits of sustainable electronics stewardship can be maximised for our economy and for our planet.

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