b&q explores sustainable business strategy

The Kingfisher Group’s DIY giant, B&Q, has announced it is pursuing new business models with sustainability at their forefront. The proposals, which include leasing large equipment to clients for recovery and recycling later, and standardisation of sustainable parts are innovative, and warmly welcomed by WEEE Systems.

Kingfisher is one of the world’s largest home supply store operators, and has enormous potential to change the marketplace. More importantly, they are committed to doing so cheaply and within existing customer preferences. WEEE Systems is confident that Kingfisher will be ahead of the curve in meeting the demands of the growing pool of green consumers. Like Kingfisher, WEEE Systems believes that sustainability can only function as part of a well-developed and responsible business, adaptive to the actual needs and wants of consumers. WEEE Systems is always endeavouring to match its practices to business needs and expectations while maintaining the standards expected from a leading sustainable business.