government launches ‘greenprint’ for sustainable business co-operation

The government has revealed a new timeline of regulatory action in the eco-sector and models for public/private collaboration. WEEE Systems celebrates this move, which is the result of lobbying by business for greater clarity on the direction in which policy makers see our sector moving. WEEE Systems has always welcomed intelligent and dynamic initiatives such as public/private sector co-operation, and it is encouraging that the government seems to be strategising in such a sensible direction.

The move to a sustainable economy, one of the government’s ultimate aims, requires long-term planning that was not enabled by previous plans. The new Enabling the Transition to a Green Economy guidelines plot strategy to 2020, and enable better preparation across the sector. WEEE Systems applauds the responsiveness of the government on this issue, and believes it demonstrates the extent to which sustainability, and sustainable business, had achieved political momentum in recent years and will have a beneficial impact on our own activities in ewaste stewardship.

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