planned waste-to-energy plant may not go ahead


The UK's largest prospective waste-to-energy power plant may not go ahead, after backers Air Products announced the project would not be viable without further government support. Related projects by Drax Power have also run into similar difficulties. WEEE Systems urges the government to bolster its support for these projects, and clarify its commitment to innovative and sustainable waste management.

It would be a matter of great regret if the advanced gasification facility did not go ahead. Not only would the facility power 50,000 homes, but it would also prevent 300,000 tonnes of waste being added to landfills annually. WEEE Systems, as a partner in the sustainable waste sector, is troubled by the implications the difficulties of these projects present. Landfill should never be an option when economical and productive alternatives of waste stewardship - from waste-to-energy to e-waste recycling - exist. Companies such as WEEE Systems and Air Products are at the forefront of making Britain a global leader in sustainable business, but cannot do so without the support of the government. They must act to redress this failure of ambition. 

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