make green pay: the new trend in employee incentives


The Carbon Disclosure Project Global 500 report revealed the importance of employee responsibilities and financial incentives in order to enforce the required behavioural change and necessary business strategy that can tackle low carbon growth and enhance existing green credentials.

While WEEE Systems favours the reports idea that responsible reporting needs to be embedded throughout the organisation, it raises the question of what more can be done other than carbon offsetting such as responsible disposal of a company’s e-waste. Financial incentives, as suggested, may work on a personal level, however this is also true at a corporate level. By following WEEE System’s principles of reduce, reuse, repurpose and recreate, a proper e-waste strategy will deliver financial returns from the recovered copper and other metals. It is an opportunity for leading and responsible businesses to take the lead in safely and securely disposing of its E&E equipment and infrastructure in order to adhere to the sustainability agenda. 

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