missed flight misery after cable thieves shut airport rail link


The Times reported that thousands of air passengers had their flights disrupted from Stanstead airport due to the train lines being hit with severe damage and extensive copper cable theft. Norman Baker, the Transport Minister reported that cable theft has cost Britain £1 billion over the past year and there has been more than a thousand cases of cable theft reported in the first four and a half months of 2011.

WEEE Systems is calling for companies to increase their efforts to reuse and repurpose the raw materials from its E&E end-of-life equipment in order to maximise these material assets and extend their life beyond the purpose for which they were originally intended. Considering that copper is currently selling at around £5,500 a tonne on the London Metal Exchange, it also demonstrates that there is a viable revenue opportunity for leading and responsible organisations to safely and securely dispose of its e-waste and re-invest the proceeds  back into the company. With an increasing amount of copper available through the demanufacturing process, there will be a reduced need or even demand for the copper that these thieves steal.