dumped aussie e-waste a security threat


The Australian Government has launched an investigation into the potential identity theft and exposure of confidential corporate documents as a direct result of illegal e-waste dumping in Ghana. The investigation reveals that western countries, as well as Australia, are guilty of illegally dumping over 500 containers of e-waste, including TVs, monitors and computers into West Africa every month. Not only is this a huge ethical dilemma, with thousands of locals scavenging the containers for valuable raw materials, it also exposes many leading and responsible organisations to a confidentiality breach.

WEEE Systems believes that this is a call to action for leading organisations, to ensure that their customers and partners’ confidential data is kept secret. Without a rigorous and responsible system in place, there is no guarantee that the data is securely erased off the hardware before it is taken away and many businesses are at risk of losing both physical and data control. WEEE Systems guarantees the safe and secure disposal of its customers’ end-of-life and equipment and information stored on their e-waste through its material transformation ecosystem.

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