it bosses failing to ensure proper e-waste disposal


Computer Aid International polled over 100 IT managers and directors in the UK and revealed that a fifth of senior IT decision makers in the UK are not confident that its end-of-life equipment and infrastructure are not being disposed of safely and securely and being diverted from landfill. Despite the economic climate, the poll highlighted that one third of companies replace their computer base units and as often as every three years and one in five replace monitors during this time frame as well.

WEEE Systems believes that this survey raises two important questions – how can organisations more effectively dispose of its resources  and why don’t organisations understand the implications of the WEEE Directive? WEEE Systems offers an answer to both questions – it is aware that understanding the most efficient and cost-effective time to replace or retire end-of-life E&E equipment can directly impact an organsiations’ bottom line and WEEE Systems’ Cost vs Contribution (COSVCON) service can implement a strategy for CEOs, CFOs and CIOs to collaborate demonstrably to ensure that ICT spend and use is optimised. Secondly, WEEE Systems knows that, with the growing volume of complex E&E equipment, leading organisations will need to act responsibly, maintain compliance and abide by the law in order to maintain the sustainability agenda and increasingly greener consumer and partner expectations.

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