ghana, smartphones and the secret to sustainable shea


SAP and PlaNet Finance have teamed up to create a mobile application that will support the harvesting of shea nuts. They are highly valuable and slowly disappearing from the global landscape, they make shea butter, often found in western cosmetics and used as a chocolate substitute. The initiative empowers the harvesters as they are updated on the price of the nuts, to bolster their bargaining power and can track the sources and deliver of the nuts. The smartphone-enabled projects is backed by €100,000 in European Commission funding will help Ghanaian women produce shea nuts, improve working conditions enhance the environmental sustainability of the industry.

While WEEE Systems supports the partnership and its ability to improve the lives of thousands of women in Ghana, there is further regulation, tracking, monitoring and environmental sustainability that can be developed and deployed. Ghana is one of the many victims of illegal and unethical dumping of end-of-life e-waste equipment that is damaging the country and the exposed population. To ensure that the country is protected from further damage, it is the responsibility of leading organisations to ensure the safe and secure disposal of its volumes of e-waste. Not only does it provide strategic and revenue opportunities for businesses, there is also the need to ensure that the compliance and sustainable agenda that can be met.

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