us department of energy pledges greater focus on green transport


The US Department of Energy (DoE) has declared its commitment to invest in the future of energy vehicle efficiency and pledged its support to redirect some of its $3bn research budget to better support electric vehicles and smart grid technologies. The vow stems from it Quadrennial Technology review of the department’s activities which revealed that it is too focused on supporting technologies that remain years away from commercialisation.

WEEE Systems believes that the department should also focus on the technologies that are already in the commercial and business sector and realise the potential efficiencies that can be gained from understanding a company’s existing ICT infrastructure. The technologies that are currently being developed can only generate real green benefits if they are developed alongside a responsible transformation strategy and WEEE Systems’ new ICT assessment platform, Cost vs Contribution (COSVCON). This allows C-Level executives to understand what is happening with their ICT equipment lifecycle – from selection to retirement and beyond – and make informed and transformative decisions that will allow businesses to make more educated decisions about future budget plans and purchasing decisions, rather than rely heavily on research to develop sustainable technology.

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