eu seeks 85 per cent e-waste recycling target


The European Parliament’s environment committee has voted strongly in favour of tougher e-waste targets, which could require countries to collect 85 per cent of e-waste by 2016. MEPs want more stringent legislation in order to increase e-waste recycling rates and further crack down on the illegal exporting of end-of-life equipment. The proposed targets are based on a percentage of the total e-waste produced each year, rather than the existing WEEE Directive requiring electronic firms to fund e-waste recycling in line with a flat-rate annual target of 4kg per person.

WEEE Systems favours not only the tougher targets, but also the requirements that between 70 and 85 per cent of e-waste should be collected, as well as recommending that between 50 and 75 per cent should be recycled and the remainder reused. WEEE Systems appreciates that while the legislation creates the legal obligation, the company urges leading and responsible organisations to implement an effective e-waste strategy ahead of 2016.  WEEE Systems has developed a new ICT assessment platform, Cost vs Contribution (COSVCON), that allows C-Level executives to better understand their ICT equipment lifecycle and make more informed purchasing decisions, and understand the revenue opportunities available from end-of-life equipment and the existing raw materials that can be repurposed beyond the equipments original purpose.

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