binned pcs were stuffed with mod and sun staffers' privates


A study carried out by the Cyber Security Research Institute (CSRI) on behalf of the Asset Disposal and Information Security Association reveals that 30 per cent of drives making their way onto the second-hand market came with data from previous owners. The report revealed that personal records of The Sun newspaper and MoD staff were found on the hard drives of discarded or resold computers. The report estimates that around 90 million gigabytes of unprotected data is annually discarded from mobile phones, with around 4.5 million gigabytes including personal data such as emails and contact details.

With the rise in mobile phones, USB sticks, tablets and many new laptops utilising solid-state drives (SSD), it is vital that people address the release of potentially sensitive customer data stored on this end-of-life equipment that can be recovered from machines that are failing to safely and securely wipe the stored data. WEEE Systems can guarantee the safe and secure disposal of leading and responsible organisations’ end-of-life equipment and information stored on their e-waste through its material transformation ecosystem.

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