e-waste: what it means for your business


E-waste has become an industry buzz word in recent years and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries reveals that due to the tremendous growth in e-waste, the scrap recycling industry provides a boost of approximately $5 billion to the US economy and, interestingly, at a time of rocketing gold prices,  one metric ton of electronic scrap from personal computers contains more gold than that which can be recovered from 17 tons of typical ore.

With the size of potential revenue opportunities available in end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment, businesses need to take advantage of such raw materials. In order to maximise the potential of this equipment, WEEE Systems has developed a new ICT assessment platform, Cost vs Contribution (COSVCON), that allows C-Level executives to better understand their ICT equipment lifecycle and make more informed purchasing decisions and understand the most valuable time to retire and repurpose or recycle their equipment.

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