national recycling week highlights the effects of e-waste


National Recycling Week, founded by Planet Ark, is a community education campaign designed to raise awareness of the growing e-waste problem in Australia. It seeks to improve the recycling rates of Australians through a targeted campaign that highlights the available networks for the collection and recycling of end-of-life equipment.

WEEE Systems supports Planet Ark’s mission to reduce the growing e-waste problem, but believes that it will take more than one week to bring about effective change. The company suggests, though, that an ongoing education process needs to be aligned with a dedicated programme to eliminate the hazardous volumes of e-waste. WEEE Systems believes that the e-waste sector can only progress through the development of an innovative material transformation ecosystem that not only safely and securely disposes of end-of-life equipment - creating revenue opportunities from the repurposing and recreation of the raw materials and extending its life beyond the purpose in which it was originally intended.

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