weee systems reveals plan to close e-waste loop


WEEE Systems discussed the company roadmap with Business Green editor, James Murray and highlighted early plans to develop a prototype plant capable of providing reuse and closed-loop recycling services to leading OEMs. The proposed plans call for manufacturers to take ownership and add worth to the complete ‘value chain’ presented by e-waste.

Alongside the complete ecosystem, it is necessary for organisations to maximise the greatest value from their end-of-life E&E equipment. WEEE Systems is facilitating this opportunity through COSVCON, which tracks the changes in Cost versus Contribution of the assets in an IT estate, providing concise, current information, which allows TCO to be managed and reduced. Its accurate analysis and dashboard views enable finance and IT teams to proactively manage the individual assets throughout their lifecycle, and their transformation at retirement through a strategic e-waste approach that also drives compliance.


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