sustainability: market increases focus on good corporate citizenship

The debate surrounding the ambitious WEEE directive targets has resurfaced again with Thomas Knopp, environmental project manager at Panasonic Europe monitoring the company’s WEEE directive targets through a recycling software. While the tougher targets for countries to collect 85 per cent of e-waste by 2016, many are also calling for sustainability to be incorporated into the financial reporting requirements.

WEEE Systems favours not only the tougher targets, but also appreciates that while the legislation creates the legal obligation, the company urges leading and responsible organisations to implement an effective e-waste strategy ahead of 2016.  WEEE Systems has developed a new ICT assessment platform, Cost vs Contribution (COSVCON), that allows C-Level executives to better understand their ICT equipment lifecycle and make more informed purchasing decisions, and understand the revenue opportunities available from end-of-life equipment and the existing raw materials that can be repurposed beyond the equipments original purpose.