mps take evidence from rail minister norman baker about cable thefts


Norman Baker, Transport Minister gave evidence to the Transport Committee and outlined the Government’s response to the signal cable thefts which have hit rail services. He revealed that Network Rail was forced to pay £3.59m to train and freight operators for “disruption caused by delay” on the Western network. The compensation bill increased sharply from the £2.28m paid out in 2009-2010 and the theft has stemmed from lax controls on scrap-metals who have bought the stolen cable from thieves.

WEEE Systems supports the Transport Committee’s dedication to raising awareness of the growing problem and looking to tackle the theft. However, despite the call for additional legislation, without leading and responsible organisations doing more to maximise the precious metals available through the demanufacturing process, there will never be a reduced need or demand for the materials that these thieves steal.

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