67 local authorities express interest in running weee recycling campaigns


Weee connect, an industry alliance promoting WEEE recycling, is calling on local authorities to support a national WEEE recycling campaign. 67 local authorities have expressed interest in the campaign and aim to raise awareness of WEEE recycling over the festive period. This time is particularly prevalent because many new electronic goods are purchased as gifts and old electronics are often thrown away. The campaign aims to stop people throwing small electronic goods into the waste bin, in an industry lead campaign to ordinary members of the public.

WEEE Systems encourages the safe and secure recycling of all electronic goods and believes that more legislation can be implemented to ensure that all end-of-life equipment is safely disposed of. WEEE Systems believes that without leading organisations highlighting the problems that are currently prevalent in the industry, there will not be a reduction in the demand for the materials that thieves, prevalent in the scrap metal industry, steal.