european weee polluting ghana and damaging health

European e-waste is damaging human health in Ghana, according to a new report published by a European Environmental Group. makeITfair is a project designed to raise awareness surrounding the life cycle of environmental products and their safe recycling. The report’s key findings included that the UK is one of the top seven countries that export computers to Ghana, with 40% of the workers at the Agbobgloshie dumpsite being children and that there is currently no legislation in Ghana concerning electronic waste. The report ultimately calls for tougher restrictions from the WEEE directive which is currently under revision by the Environmental Council of the EU.


WEEE Systems calls for greater legislation within the UK to not only protect humans but also the environment. WEEE Systems advises organisations on how to realise the revenue opportunities available in the recycling, reduction, reuse and recreation of their e-waste. WEEE systems also provides an innovative transformation ecosystem that can safely and securely dispose of hardware ensuring that equipment does not end up in unregulated recycling facilities posing a danger to the local environment. 

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