global e-waste market to grow amid tighter regulation


SMI reports that the market value of e-waste in 2010 totaled close to $6.8 billion and looks likely to grow for at least the coming decade and it claims that e-waste collection services alone will more than triple by 2020. The report also claims that e-waste has a complex and often elusive route to be recycled, with some e-waste going undocumented. With the media over exaggerating the illegal dealings and corruption associated with the scrap metal industry, the report notes that these allegations have hindered the growth of the industry, with the market being held to higher standards than that of other recycling industries.

WEEE Systems supports harsher regulation within the scrap metal industry as current legislation is not enough as it is still common for e-waste collectors to have no knowledge of the end point of e-waste. WEEE Systems is committed to providing large organisations with a safe and secure route to recycling e-waste through its transparent materials transformation ecosystem facilitating not only a safe green IT strategy, but also enabling new revenues and reducing illegal dealings.

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