government and healthcare

The Government and Healthcare sectors have reason to find the appropriate recycling of E&E equipment daunting in the face of a hostile Media which constantly places them under scrutiny, particularly in delivering value-for-money and challenging their data protection models. With increased legislation, an ever greater focus on public accountability, energy efficiency compliance, and the protection of highly sensitive data, Government and Healthcare agencies have to ensure safe and efficient data destruction.

In addition, unprecedented budgetary pressures being faced by Local Authorities force the need to extract maximum value from every initiative whilst promoting a climate of support for entrepreneurial initiatives and small businesses. All this provides additional pressure, and incentive, to manage holistically all end-of-life E&E infrastructure needs.

WSL's materials transformation ecosystem has been designed to address these needs, transparently connecting and streamlining all the processes required to reduce overall costs and create new revenues and business opportunities for clients and partners. It can become a cornerstone of Government and Healthcare organisations’ environmentally responsible strategy by providing complete and compliant end-of-life outcomes in line with current and anticipated WEEE Directive expectations.