weee initiative

Proposed EU WEEE legislation aimed at accelerating the recycling of large Electrical and Electronic (E&E) infrastructure and equipment suggests that, from 2014, 65% of new business-to-business E&E equipment put into the market will need to be recycled two years later.

Businesses with E&E materials to dispose of, and those that place E&E products on the market in Europe, will have to take more responsibility, and be obligated to recycle these products once they have reached their end-of-life.

WSL believes that leading businesses will want to look beyond legislative compliance and embrace changes today in order to realise the tangible benefits available - including releasing the real estate tied up storing surplus equipment, protecting brand value and meeting corporate social responsibility objectives.

With raw material prices increasing, there is a growing demand for the value that can be obtained from re-used and recycled materials, further incentivising progressive businesses to take advantage of the material transformation opportunities available.

Corporate and customer confidential information is at risk while end-of-life E&E equipment is stored, or if it is disposed of inadequately. WEEE Systems provides peace of mind by guaranteeing our process safeguards clients’ exposure to data loss.